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All of us, musicians and audiences alike, have suffered unimaginable losses since the beginning of 2020.  Society is riddled with anxiety and uncertainties. We have just recently been able to hug loved ones and meet together with friends.  Yet even those activities are approached with some measure of carefulness that is new to us.  We are tasting days of freedom like a new fawn taking its first steps.  The liberation within our grasp is akin to escaping from an interminable darkness, and yet we know that many in our midst and around the world have not arrived at this happy juncture.

Of course, liberation from the pandemic is just one of the breakthroughs of the 21st century.  Our society continues to wrestle with injustices of many kinds; race, sex, gender, climate, etc.  While ours is not to take sides, it is also not ours to ignore.  Artists have a duty in using talents to demonstrate awareness, to amplify awareness, to educate, to inspire, and to challenge.

So in celebration and thanksgiving but remaining aware of the challenges that still lie ahead, our theme for this season is Veritas, who, in Roman mythology is the goddess of Truth.

The December 2021 concert theme is Embracing the Light of Liberty.  The centerpiece of this concert will be Vivaldi’s Gloria with string orchestra. Dates are Friday, Dec. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 4. The May 2022 concert theme is Free to Be where we will perform as a centerpiece, Considering Matthew Shepard, by Craig Hella Johnson. Dates are TBA.

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We thank all of our donors and supporters who made our recent online fundraising auction such a success! And if you wish to hear our inspiring May concert, We Rise Again, at any time, just click HERE.

Cantus Novus is an auditioned chamber choir based in Bucks County. Founded in 2000 as an intimate group of choral friends gathering in homes to share a love of music, Cantus Novus has grown to be an established musical presence in the Delaware Valley.

“The May 5th concert was upbeat, inspirational and downright enter-taining! Next time they lift up their voices in our area, you really must attend.”


“Concert was amazing. Looking forward to your next performance.”

“Excellent intonation, near-perfect diction, beautiful dynamic range and very musical.”

Our musical focus can best be described as roots and wings, with programming spanning several centuries, honoring our roots, the rich a cappella choral tradition that springs from the motets of the Renaissance – while our wings present audiences with wide-ranging musical offerings from the best of contemporary composers.

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“It was a luminous program both from both a conceptual and performance perspective.”

Cantus Novus is sponsored in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, by the New York Life Foundation, and by Visit Bucks County Pennsylvania.

Cantus Novus is a member of Chorus America and the Guild for Early Music

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